About Us

We hope you are having a beautiful day and are excited you are here!

We wanted to tell you a little about us and why we decided to embark on this journey. We have always loved fashion but never found a store we 100% loved. We felt like we would get a piece here and there. We wanted to bring a space for people to enjoy everyday fashion for an affordable price. Our style would be explained as clean edgy or classy edgy we hope you enjoy it. We might not bring the most colorful pieces, but we will bring fun, exciting, affordable pieces. We want people to love every piece in their closet to feel confident when they step out of their house.

Anyway, on to our idea to start this thing.

Madison had always dreamed of starting a boutique since high school and never told anyone because, to be honest never thought it was in the cards. She went on the graduate college at ECU and started her professional job in health care. As time went on, she started to play with the idea of a women's boutique more and more. One day she finally got tired of playing with the idea and texted Sara that she had a crazy idea. Sara loved it, clearly, and we got to work on our dream.

Fun Facts:
We both graduated from East Carolina University.
We both work in health care, Sara is a bomb nurse and Madison is a surgical assistant.
We are not only childhood friends but also cousins.

We hope you enjoyed learning about us and why we embarked on this amazing journey.